Durrani: 1.5 Billion USD can be Obtained by Pine Nuts Export

Jadi 18: Jan 8, 2019

Nasir Ahmad Durrani, minister of agriculture, irrigation, and livestock (MAIL), said that Afghanistan is now able to produce 23,000 metric tons of pine nuts per year and its production capacity can reach to 35,000 metric tons per year.

Mr. Durrani addressing Pine Nuts Development Investment Conference in MAIL today said that if Afghanistan increases its pine nuts production to 35,000 metric tons per year, it can generate 1.5 billion USD per year from its export out of the country.

Agriculture minister asserted that the price of one kilo of pine nuts in Kabul markets is 3,000 AFN (40 USD), adding that the price of Afghanistan’s pine nuts is high in global markets. Durrani said, “Afghanistan’s pine nuts has the highest price in the world.”

Durrani further stated that much attention was not paid to Afghanistan’s pine nuts production earlier, adding that only this year effective steps have been taken.

According to Durrani, Afghanistan exported 335 metric tons of pine nuts in 2016 (1395 Solar Year) but the figure jumped to 1,370 metric tons worth 54,880,000 USD throughout this year (2018, 1397 Solar Year).

Most of the Afghan pine nuts have been exported to China; 100 tons of pine nuts will be exported to Turkey soon.

Durrani asked investors and businessmen to invest in pine nuts sector, adding that there are good capacities for investment in this particular area.

Durrani said that the government, especially agriculture ministry, will provide all the facilities and necessary support for investment of pine nuts in the country.

Meanwhile Atiqullah Nusrat, director of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), also addressed the event and said that there are lots of capacities for investment and work in pine nuts sector, specifically in processing, packaging, branding, and labeling sectors.

Nusrat further stated that value added in the export of pine nuts is one of the most important issues which private sectors can pay much attention to.

Nusrat also said that earlier bulk of Afghanistan’s pine nuts were exported to global markets under Pakistan’s name. After inauguration of Afghanistan-China air corridor, most of Afghanistan’s pine nuts are being exported to China under Afghanistan’s name.

Khost, Paktia and Paktika are among the provinces which have most of the country’s pine nuts forests; few other provinces has also pine nuts.