Herat began exporting grapes to regional countries

MAIL – Nasir Ahmad Durani, Minister of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock inaugurated the export process of Herat grapes to Pakistan.
Minister Durani, during his trip to Herat, visited Guzara district and inaugurated the export process of 7500 tons of grapes to Pakistan markets. The total cost of grapes exported to Pak is estimated 236 million Afs.
Herat is one of the prominent provinces at agriculture and gardening which produces over 120 thousand tons grapes annually.
The grapes export process will be done by a private company in close cooperation of commercial horticulture and agricultural marketing program (CHMP) after signing a memorandum.
Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Herat governor said: The export of grapes to outside markets is a huge and fundamental change for increasing farmers’ income.
NUG plans to support Afghan villagers and farmers by boosting agricultural products and paving the way for their export. Building air corridors to several countries is a good step to support Afghan products. There has been a dramatic change in key areas of agriculture since the establishment of NUG.