Job Title: Cleaner

Location: Kabul          

Period of services: One year with 3 months probation period

Report to:  Administration

Gross salary: As per CBR salary scale

No. of posts: 1

Date Renounced: 16 Sep 2014

Closing Date: 23 Sep 2014


MAIL has initiated the On-Farm Water Management (OFWM) Project, approved, and co-funded by the ARTF. The overall development objective (PDO) of the OFWM-Project is to assist farmers to adopt improved farm practices that increase agriculture production and productivity.

The OFWM Project will have three components:

A.         Component A: Establishment of 5 OFWM project areas in Herat, Bamyan, Jalalabad, Mazar-i-Sharif, and Kabul comprising of total of approximately 50,000 ha. This component contains three sub-components:

(i)         Establishment and/or strengthening of Irrigation Associations in order to enable them to assume their role in operation and maintenance (O & M).

(ii)         Improvement of the physical irrigation infrastructure to reduce system water losses and facilitate equitable water distribution.

(iii)        Dissemination of improved water saving techniques including (a) more efficient irrigation methods, (b) more efficient water distribution systems, (c) agronomic water saving measures

B.         Component B: Strengthening MAIL’s Capacity in OFWM at the national, provincial and district levels in the project areas.

C.         Component C: Project management, implementation and coordination.

The project is expected to start by January 2011 for a 3-year period and will be preceded by a 9 month preparation period starting 1 June 2010, which will have the following outputs: (a) Selection of Project Areas and project sites for project implementation during the first year, including reconnaissance surveys of two of the five sites and development of an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), (b) Formulation of a detailed Activity Plan for the first year in the selected project sites; and (c) Plan of logistical and organizational activities required to prepare the provincial Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (DAIL) offices for execution of Project activities in collaboration with Area Teams.

For the implementation of the project MAIL is seeking dedicated project staff at national and provincial levels.

Duties & Responsibilities:

This support includes but not limited to:

•             The Cleaner shall conduct cleaning activities; provide support to the OFWMP staff and visitors.

•             Report on duty according to the office prepared duty roster;

•             Cleaning the office rooms including vacuum cleaning, desks, chairs, windows, windows net and office equipment;

•             Ensure to response to the staff members in case of any needs related to the job; Prepare Tea/Coffee and bring lunches for staff when required;

•             Maintenance and lean all cleaning equipment utilized;

•             Keeps office room floors, surfaces, furniture, walls, doors, windows, carpets cleaned and hygienic;

•             Assist in the loading, unloading and movement of furniture, equipment, cargo and office supplies;

•             Performed variety of unskilled tasks as helper;

•             To ensure toilets and office required items/supplies (soap, spry, towel) are cleaned and well organized

•             Maintain office yard clean

  • Assist the cook when needed.

•             Perform all other work related duties;


Qualifications required:

Primary or secondary school education;

At least one to two years of progressively responsible cleaning experience;

Fluency in Dari and Pashto;

Must be active and reliable person;

Ability to remain focused when under pressure with a commitment to work hard and for long hours


Submission Guideline:

Send your CV to
On-Farm Water Management Project
Address: Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Pamir Building 7th Floor